As part of the local governance reform implemented by the Government of New Brunswick in 2023, Regional Service Commissions (RSCs) are now responsible for stewardship in the area of tourism promotion. This regional focus will allow better and more personalized programs for tourism operators and tourism experiences.

Kings RSC has established a Regional Destination Marketing Organization (RDMO) to oversee and ensure forward momentum for this shared service. The primary goal of the RDMO is to be an independent and industry driven collaborative body that develops and implements a regional tourism strategy. The RDMO has a goal to connect regional tourism stakeholders in the territory covered by the RSC.

The RDMO committee is comprised of tourism operators from the region as well as local government officials responsible for local tourism. This ensures that all RDMO activities are industry-led with a local focus.

We are in the process of creating a comprehensive tourism promotion strategy for the region that is tied closely to the overall RSC strategic plan. This process involves elements such as a regional identity that can be used to market and attract visitors, a strategic marketing plan, and support programs for local tourism operators.