The business and affairs of each Commission shall be directed and controlled by a board of directors in accordance with the Regional Services Delivery Act.

Each Board shall consist of the mayors of each local government in a region, and if the rural district in a region has a rural district advisory committee, the chair of the advisory committee, as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission, who shall be a non-voting member. 

If a member of the Board is absent or otherwise unable to act, an alternate member referred to in the regulations may act on behalf of that member of the Board. 

In the case of Kings Regional Service Commission, the Board is comprised of the Mayors and one other Councilor for the Municipalities of Sussex and Valley Waters, Butternut Valley Rural Community along with the Chair of the Advisory Committee and one other from Kings Rural District. 

Board of Directors Members

Gordon Kierstead (Chair)Kings Rural DistrictBudget & Finance, PRAC, Public Safety, Regional Recreational Planning, Solid Waste
Charity McDonald (Vice-Chair)Valley WatersBudget & Finance, Economic Development, Regional Recreational Planning, Tourism Promotion
Vicky GaunceButternut ValleyPublic Safety, Solid Waste
Marc ThorneSussexCommunity Development, Solid Waste
Peter PriceKings Rural DistrictEconomic Development 
Tim WilsonSussexCommunity Development, Tourism Promotion
Randy McKnightValley WatersRegional Recreational Planning
Al BrownButternut ValleyBudget & Finance
David Titus (Alternate)Butternut Valley
Kevin Scott (Alternate)Kings Rural District
Paul Maguire (Alternate)SussexBudget & Finance
Carey Gillis (Alternate)Valley Waters

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

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